Product Info & Care

Most of my pieces are woven with blanket weight yarns, which are most suitable for use as wall hangings, bed and sofa throws, table runners and bags. While it is not recommended to use blanket weight woven pieces as floor rugs it is a common practice. If you do choose to use your woven piece on the floor, I would recommend to place the rug in a low traffic area in the house and to put a rug pad underneath. Also, please avoid using the rolling brushes attachment when vacuuming the rug.

Saddle balnkets and floor rugs are woven with thick rug weight yarns, which are suitable to use on the floor.

In general, the woven pieces can be gently vacuumed (without the rolling brushes attachment) & dry cleaned.

Denim Jackets are dry clean only.

Pillows inserts are machine washable.

Please avoid hanging/placing the weavings near humidity sources ( such as humidifiers) as they can shrink.